5 Stars

Retrofit State Farm Stadium to the specific requirements of Super Bowl.

Elite Civil Construction earned Business Connects’ Supplier of Distinction award for Super Bowl LVII. The team competed for, won, and flawlessly executed one of this year’s biggest, most high-profile contracts related to the Super Bowl. The prime contractor on the project praised Elite for exceeding expectations on the job and for creating a working environment that resulted in a true partnership. That is huge praise. The team at Elite Civil Construction is talented, professional, flexible, and a joy to work with. The Business Connect program is proud to have Elite Civil Construction as a member company.

B.J. Waymer

NFL Business Connect

5 Stars

Underground Infrastructure

LSH has had great experience working with the whole Elite Civil Team. Professional, responsive and they do what they say they’re going to do, I can highly recommend the Elite Civil Team.

Lance Keller

Lifestyle Homes Construction LLC

5 Stars

Nikola Manufacturing Plant

Elite Civil Construction is an exceptional contractor that possesses the professionalism and execution that is necessary for a successful project. If you are looking for a civil contractor that can assist with staying in budget and provide good quality work, then look no further. Not only does Elite take care of your civil needs but they also act as a one stop shop for all your general trades needs as well. Having one contractor cover multiple trade divisions is a bonus for any General Contractor and Walbridge had the pleasure of doing just that with Elite at the Nikola Manufacturing Plant project.

Joe Shelton III

Project Manager, Walbridge

5 Stars

Residential Water Service Installation.

Thank you for taking a very challenging and personal project and making it easy and cost-effective. I certainly can see how you were put on the list of a “preferred contractor” for all your efforts during Super bowl. My congratulations to you and your team on that recognition.

Please, if anyone is considering a job that Elite Civil Construction can help you with, I highly recommend you take the time to allow them to review your project. My impression from Jesus was regardless of the size of the job, it will be executed accurately, timely and at a competitive price.

Impressive, and as stated initially, it is very challenging to find a company that still thinks and performs at this level. Thank you so much.


5 Stars

Underground Infrastructure.

Elite Civil has been a great partner to work with. They have been quick to jump on issues that arise, reliable, and fair. They have done a fantastic job on our projects thus far, and I am looking forward to continuing to work together

Blake Norton

Project Manager, Beckshar LLC

5 Stars

Underground Infrastructure.

I had the opportunity to work with the Elite team on several critical infrastructure projects, including underground water systems, sewer installations, storm drain solutions, and dry utilities. These projects were integral to the development of a new residential area, requiring meticulous planning, precise execution, and adherence to strict regulatory standards. The Elite team consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism throughout our collaboration. From the initial consultation to the final inspection, they maintained clear and open communication. They provided regular updates on the progress of the work, which helped us stay informed and make timely decisions. Their organizational skills were evident in their systematic approach to project management, ensuring that each phase was completed on schedule. Cost-efficiency was another area where Elite excelled. They provided a detailed and transparent cost breakdown at the outset, which helped us budget effectively. Throughout the project, they managed resources efficiently and avoided unnecessary expenses, ensuring that we stayed within budget without compromising on the quality of the work. The quality of Elite’s work was exceptional. They utilized state-of-the-art equipment and employed skilled technicians to ensure that all installations were performed to the highest standards. The underground water, sewer, and storm drain systems they installed were robust and reliable, meeting all regulatory requirements and exceeding our expectations. Their work on the dry utilities was equally impressive, showcasing their versatility and technical expertise. What truly set the Elite team apart was their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. They went above and beyond to address any concerns we had and were proactive in suggesting improvements to enhance the overall functionality and durability of the systems. Their attention to detail and dedication to quality were evident in every aspect of their work. Additionally, their safety protocols were top-notch, ensuring that all work was carried out without any incidents. This focus on safety not only protected their workers but also ensured the integrity of the project site. I would highly recommend the Elite team to other potential clients. Their professionalism, cost-efficiency, strong communication skills, and exceptional quality of work make them an outstanding choice for any infrastructure project. Working with them was a seamless and highly satisfying experience, and they have set a high standard for any future projects we undertake. Overall, the Elite team not only delivered superior results but also made the entire process smooth and stress-free. Their dedication to achieving the best outcomes for their clients is truly commendable.

Shane Grase

President, Copper Nail Development LLC